Sunday, November 21, 2010

Renaissance Festival 2010

We go to Renaissance Festival every year.  Both children began going early in life (Jacob was 6 weeks, Bella was about 3 months) and the entire extended family looks forward to it each year.

This year, we got there around noon and the day seemed to fly by. Now with three kids in the group, gone are the days of lounging under a tree listening to  music and people watching and wandering in and out of shops. OK, I still shop but it is more strategic than it used to be!

I wish I had a picture handy of my brother – because Jacob looks a lot like him in this picture. Jacob’s Paw Paw always wears these cool hats at Ren Fest and this year he bought Jacob one.



Here was a fabulous costume I hadn’t seen before, we all thought it was a fox but later someone said it was meant to be Puss in Boots. Still I think it was like a fox – whatever it was, it was really neat.


The week before we went Jacob got his haircut. I don’t mean trimmed, I mean major major haircut. So be prepared he looks totally different!

I couldn’t believe that he wanted to do the bungee jumping thing but he did. He didn’t flip, and he didn’t do it for a real long time, but  he did it and had a great time.11.201000000014


Our kids still love the carousel. Here is Bella with Uncle Bob.



I like this series – Uncle Bob was teaching Jacob how to flip his hat from his hand up onto his head.


Earlier in the day we visited one of our favorite vendor Whimsys Muse, they take gorgeous fairy pictures and then go in digitally and make them really special and fun.  We had Bella’s done when she was an infant and I wanted to do them again.  They came out so cute!

Check them out here.

If you are a grandparent, might want to wait to order anything until you see what Santa brings :) 

The children love to ride the camels and elephants. Will rode with Bella on the camel and Bobby took Jacob on the elephant.



My handsome husband.


Cousin Lulu


Aunt Leaf (Leigh) and the girls.


Paw Paw and Grandma got fairy wings for the girls.



It was a really fun day, that went by sooo fast!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cutie Pie


Bella likes to feed the dog. The dog is very patient and never minds little fingers reaching around her bowl while she is eating.  We always love on the dog when we feed her and Bella will say “Aw she’s so cute..” tonight I told her “I think you’re so cute!” and she answered “Yeah, I AM!”

Saturday, November 13, 2010


As you can tell from the other post, we have had a really nice October full of fun fall & Halloween activities.  All of which led up to the big night of Trick or Treating which the children were so excited about (and us too!)

This year Bella was a Fairy Ballerina and Jacob was Buzz Lightyear.  Will took them for the first half hour and I passed out candy and then we swapped. The ended up filling their buckets TWICE!

Love this pose – they did this on their own.


In the background you can see some of our yard decorations.


Trying to show the back of her costume with wings but it was twilight and things were getting blurry! This was walking up to the first house of the night.


They loved this house because of the Scooby Doo decoration.  Our kids LOVE Scooby!


Back home, all worn out.


Mouth full of candy! Love that face!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Festivities

The weekends leading up to Halloween were busy ones for us. One Saturday we went to a free pumpkin patch that was sponsored by our home builder.


Afterwards we attended our neighborhood Fall Festival.  We rode the train and played games.



I love how cute Bella’s hair came out this day.


Another fun thing we did was make Halloween cupcakes


Here I was trying to take an artsy picture of the cupcakes.


And of course we carved pumpkins


Anabel is in a phase where she loves anything with skulls on it. I didn’t particularly encourage this – she just really likes them of her own accord. So when we sorted through the pumpkin pattern book this is what she chose.


This pumpkin Jacob drew out and I carved it for him.  So cute!


The Saturday before Halloween, we attended the Pumpkin Bash up at Jacob’s elementary school.  The school is nearby so we walked up there.


Here is Jacob and his Kindergarten teacher – she’s awesome and we love her!


There were lots of booths and games and a jump house. I had Jacob with me and I had the camera, so guess who we ended up with pictures of?



And we made pumpkin seeds – YUM!10.201000000138

Next post I should finally get to Halloween itself! And after that…Renaissance Festival!

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