Sunday, January 30, 2011

Didja’ miss me???

I am bound and determine not to have it be FEBRUARY and still not have blogged Christmas!

This year we got one of those JOY Christmas signs for the yard – and Will and Jacob outlined the yard in lights. I thought it looked great!


And of course we decorated the inside too!

The kitchen tree – all decorated with kitchen utensils.


Nativity scene in the dining room (and we got curtains  up in the dining room!)


The mantle


The tree

Here are some fun pictures from the day we went to the nursery to pick out our tree:


This is Bella, but she looks EXACTLY like Jacob at the same age!


The decorated tree.


All the presents and stockings after Santa came. There were piles of gifts because we had lots of family sharing the holiday with us, sweet cousin Luella came to share Christmas morning with our kids as well as Will’s parents. We had a houseful and it was wonderful!





A dollhouse!


A telescope!


Princess nightgown!


This was an especially fun year because the kids were so into all the little traditions and trimmings.  We set out milk and cookies for Santa. We sprinkled reindeer food, we went to a Living Nativity. On Christmas Eve we went to church and sang Silent Night with our candles raised high.  It was just a really really nice traditional Christmas.



The week after Christmas – Will and I were off work and the family went on a trip to San Antonio and to Austin, and we celebrated my birthday – more pictures to come!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Yeah Yeah I know I know

You all are tired of reading about crescent rolls! Doesn't she have anything to blog about, I can hear you thinking - Christmas pictures, birthday pictures, the zoo - anything? Yes I do! I only have a one word excuse - KINDLE. 

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