Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Kindergartener!

Things never slow down here in the Fisher family. After a wonderful long weekend in Las Vegas (more to come in future posts) we came back late Sunday afternoon, unpacked and got everything ready for Jacob’s first day of real school.

He will still be attending preschool for before and after school care, so the first new thing was taking the bus from pre-school to his new school.  I rode the bus with him because I wanted to observe the process and his Dad met us there.

Lining up to board the bus:


These boys had a great time cutting up on the short bus ride. Jacob’s school is the second stop, so his ride is about 10 minutes.


I love it that, at this age, he didn’t think it was uncool to have his mommy on the bus with him!


Disembarking the bus, ready to head into the big new school (new in every sense of the word - new for him and a brand spanking new school)


I don’t want to post details of the school or his teachers on the internet but lets just say that one look around the door and classroom and you could tell she is a scrap booker! The classroom was really well set up and the kids were already exploring.


Checking out the books on his table.


Once he was settled we had a quick hug and kiss and then left him, and no – there were no tears! 

Then Will and I headed to the cafeteria to load Jacob’s account up with lunch money, boy have things changed since the days when I went to school! The kids have a number they put into a machine and it just charges based on what they have on the tray. Pretty neat.

Jacob came home pretty wiped out, he is used to taking a two hour nap, but he was all smiles!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Make a Wish!

Bella’s big party day was really fun. It was an Ariel theme which I thought was appropriate for a swim party. This also made the decorating and invitations very simple. At 4 we met up with our guests down at the community pool. We swam, played, and visited. At 6 we had a picnic under the pavilion. 

Our menu included fruit, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, beans and goldfish crackers. I made shortbread cookies in the shape of sea shells, sea horses and starfish and decorated them with sparkling sugar. We also served pink lemonade.



I made 4 dozen cupcakes and colored the icing in pink, blue and purple and decorated them with Ariel and Flounder cupcake picks.  Half were strawberry cake and the other half yellow. Oh my goodness, I had forgotten about strawberry cake, it was so good, I have had way too many!    (The entire cake ingredients, icing, and picks was about $10 and only that high because I had to buy icing colors I’m building up quite a stash – Wilton rocks)

Party favors – beach balls and fruit snacks, Ariel for girls, Toy Story for the boys. (In case anyone doesn’t already know, Dollar Tree has every type of licensed Disney toy and party favor imaginable! Total for party favors including the bags and fruit snacks $10 for 8 and the kids loved it)


PRESENTS! Thank you everybody – she LOVED all her gifts!

08.201000000070 08.201000000079

Will’s Mom made a beautiful centerpiece with Ariel in a scalloped sea shell vase filled with shells and water plants – it was so gorgeous! Sadly I think Bella thought it was like the sand table at her daycare – she pretty much trashed it by messing with all the shells, but she loved it and that is what counts!

After the cake and presents the kids all ran around and played hide and seek in the park by the pavilion and the parents visited. It was a really fun party and turned out even better than I had imaged!

 IMGP5997IMGP5998  IMGP6001 IMGP6002  IMGP6004


The really awesome pictures are from my Mom’s camera – oooh I love this one of Jacob, great shot Mom!



Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Anabel May!

Today, August 13th, our dear Anabel is 3 years old.   What joy she has brought to our family!  Tomorrow is her birthday party (family with a few little girl friends) but I wanted to be sure and take some pictures on the actual day.

This morning before school she posed for a birthday picture. We let her have an un-iced cupcake with her breakfast, can you say spoiled? It’s a strawberry cupcake – that counts as fruit right?


She looks so old here to me – definitely more little girl than baby (And she looks a lot like me I think? But the eyes are all Will’s!)

We will wait until tomorrow for a few other presents but her big present we gave to her tonight. 08.201000000027

Nothing is more fun than taking pictures of a little girl wearing a beautiful new tutu!08.201000000033 08.201000000024  



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