Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas & Birthday 2008

Saturday the 23rd we headed to Lake Conroe to spend the night with Will's parents. On Sunday we went to their church, Montgomery United Methodist, and we dressed the children up in their fancy Christmas clothes. I think that Grandma and PawPaw had fun showing them off a little. For Christmas Eve, Will's parents joined us for the 5 PM family service at our church. Bella fell asleep in Grandma's arms and snoozed through most of the service. Friday the 28th was my 35th birthday. Holy Cow, I can't believe it. I feel like I'm in some whole other demographic now, it's going to take some adjusting. In general I have endeavored to use the baby gear we had from when Jacob was a baby -it might not be the latest and greatest but it gets the job done. However, when I saw the version of the pack-n-play that our baby friend Joanna has, I thought, man that is really cool. It's like a regular pack and play only so much smaller and lighter and since Bella has outgrown her tiny baby bassinet and we are about to take a trip next week, we went ahead and got one today. Here are some pictures of Bella trying it out for the first time, she rolled and stretched - like man, I can really spread out in here! She has also discovered her feet, so here's a picture where she seems to be saying "Hey look - did you know those feet were down there?"

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rock Star

Kids are so much fun. Today Will took advantage of the glorious weather to wash our car. He had the radio playing while he was working and next thing we know Jacob ran into the house to grab his guitar - the result is priceless!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Prayers for Nancy

Please take a moment to keep up to date on Nancy's blog, she is having some very specific prayer requests from day to day. Keep praying please! I can only imagine what it must be like to be in the hospital at Christmas time, so if you are like me and feeling lately that my days are overly hectic just stop and think how immensely blessed we are to be able to walk and shop and plan time with family. Praise God for all those wonderful things! I know He will heal Nancy and give wisdom to the doctors and rest to her children Stephen and Karen.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Living Nativity

Previously I promised to post a picture of William, Bella & I as the Holy Family in the living nativity at church so here is that, plus, I threw in a few other pictures I thought folks might enjoy. We had a tough crowd of older kids visiting us when we were playing Joseph & Mary. They asked the funniest questions, it was hard to keep a straight face, much less a calm Mary face. One child asked us how we made a living doing this [playing Mary & Joseph] and did we have to go to a whole lot of churches that day. I think he thought that it was our full time job or something. But despite the tough questions, it was a really big deal to me to get to do that and I will "treasure it up in my heart"for always. Bella was a perfect baby Jesus, alert and sweet. I was just glad there were no spit ups or blow outs. I'm not sure when the lack of blowouts became something that could make me so glad-hearted, but there it is.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Goodnight Moon

It was too cold to play outside on Saturday so the children and I headed off to the library. Jacob spotted a familiar favorite and sat down to read it. If you know the story then you'll see that he gets every page right word for word, so much so that the lady shelving books in the back ground turns around to see if he is really reading. Nope! He just has a great memory, but I'm guessing that we will have an avid reader on our hands before too long. The sqeaking in the background is Bella enjoying the story!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nancy's Blog

Nancy's son Stephen is keeping a blog with up to date info on Nancy's condition & progress. I have added it as a link under "Our Friends", so please feel free to check in there. If you are praying over her, and feel comfortable doing so, I think it would be neat to leave a comment on their site so they could know and be encouraged. I'll never forget meeting a woman from church for the first time and having her say "Hi, I'm Susan and I've been praying for you!" - she had prayed over me when I was on bedrest with Bella and it was such a cool blessing to me that I almost started bawling (post -pregnancy hormones will do that!) If you don't know this already, you can leave comments on a blog by clicking on the comments link at the bottom of any post. Happy Saturday everyone!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


An update on Nancy - she had her third surgery last week and is doing well. We need to keep praying as she is feeling sad about being a burden to her children. Keep praying please! Thinking about her being in the hospital and how Karen must be struggling to juggle everything on her own plate as well as being there for her Mom, it has given me a reality check of sorts. I'm feeling a real attitude of gratitude. Whatever is going on with me just seems minor and I think, what do I have to complain about?

Such grace comes at a good time as Jacob spent Friday through Sunday sick with fever and cough. He is now almost back to being all the way well, although still a little congested in the mornings. Being sick has turned him into a real grouch. He gave us some real humdinger temper tantrums this weekend. It's hard because one part of you knows that he isn't feeling well and wants to excuse his behavior and the other part of you feels like he is old enough to have some level of self control and the other part of you is just in shock that he just did whatever it was he just did (i.e dumping completely untouched plate of dinner into the kitchen sink!) At times it just seemed like there was not one single thing you could say, do or suggest that wouldn't set off a torrent of tears, whining, crying, and dramatic tossing about on the floor. I really am grateful there are two of us, I cannot imagine how hard it would be to be a single parent - right about when one of us runs out of patience the other can step in, or makes a joke or just share a glance with you across the room. It takes a team, it really does.

The other aspect of raising a three year old is the chronic Obsessive Compulsiveness. Don't worry, he doesn't really have OCD - it is just normal pre-schooler behavior but man can it drive you nuts! Jacob has preferences about every nuance of life - he wants to put the right shoe on first, he wants his socks folded around his ankle a certain way, he wants a spoon not a fork, he wants a certain color cup, the list is endless and it changes every day. Sometimes we indulge him - small things aren't worth battling over, other times we obviously have to put our foot down on, because we just aren't going to have our household run by a three year old!

Bella continues to be an easy happy baby. She is sleeping pretty well, we had to adjust her meals at school a bit, she seems to prefer smaller bottles more often - (I like to eat this way too!) She is really smiling and engaging these days. I had fun picking out some Christmas wish list items for her because I tried to think about what she would enjoy in a few months, things like stackers and toys you sit up to play with and it seem so crazy that she is already growing so much, not a little teeny tiny baby any longer.

Our neighborhood has Santa each year down at the pool house by the park. This year "Santa" turned out to be a guy we know from church. Jacob wouldn't take a picture with Santa. In fact, he refuses to even discuss Santa - when asked he refers to Santa as Father Abraham. He also says that he does not want presents at Christmas, because presents are for birthdays only. After telling me this he thought for a minute and then he says "Oh, and Bella doesn't want any presents either!" We've tried to talk with him about the nativity story but he is confused by the Wise Men and wants to know where are the foolish men (from the childrens song based on the parable about the wise man building his house upon the rock) and is the stable going to go "Splat!". This Sunday, Will, Bella and I will be in the Living Nativity at church as the Holy Family and that is bound to confuse him further. Sigh. This whole parenting thing is complicated sometimes. Don't be too concerned, I have a STRONG feeling that come Christmas morning he will be most glad to get presents!

Here's Bella on Father Abraham's lap:

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Nancy Heleman

Nancy is the mother of my best friend Karen and she was in a horrible accident this past Saturday at a Christmas parade in Thorndale, TX. The float she was riding on broke away from the truck that was pulling it and she was pinned between the trailer and the truck. One of her legs is broken and the other is very badly hurt. Please join with me in prayer for her, her family, and the doctors. Please also pray for me that I can be a good friend, it is hard because I have no vacation leave at work and a newborn and preschooler to care for so I really can't drop everything to go to be at her side. I guess I just don't have much else to say today.

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