Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pre-school Graduation

It seems like it was just yesterday that we had pre-school graduation for Jacob.  Our kids are three years apart in age, but only two years apart in school, so it just makes those milestones feel so close together!

Anabel cannot wait to start Kindergarten and join in her big brothers world!

Pictures outside before the ceremony



She sees her friend coming and wouldn’t look at the camera anymore…


Have to be nostalgic and show Anabel and Sophie two years ago when their big brothers were the graduates.


– oh my goodness the time goes by fast…


Goofing around up on stage


Receiving her diploma


Waving to Mommy and Daddy (so serious!)


Her favorite part of the night…


Congratulations to our not-so-baby-anymore big girl.  She is amazing and smart and spunky and courageous and we love her so much.  I cannot believe she will be starting elementary school in August!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Jacob had a great soccer season this year.  We did the Upward program again this year at Second Baptist. Will was “team Dad” and kept everyone organized.  It was a tough season weather-wise as several games were rescheduled due to rain or wet fields.

I was to attend a few practices and sadly just one game, mostly because of the games conflicting with Bella’s ballet class and also one Saturday of the 8 I had BALOO training and then another got rained out.  I was bummed to miss so much.


Am I the only Mom that never gets tired of taking pictures of their kid’s in profile?


The final game…



Prayers at halftime….


One thing I can say, is it I want to keep taking sports pictures I need a longer lens! But I loved this one….



End of season award ceremony


The Second Baptist youth have a worship dance team (OK, things sure have changed since I was Baptist???!!) Bella ran up to the front to dance too (she’s shy.not!) 


Getting his award (they always do cool stuff instead of traditional trophies)


The Mustangs!


Dance Dance Dance

Anabel has finished up her second season of ballet.  She may surprise us with a change of heart, but I rather suspect we will see our little one tearing it up on the soccer field next fall instead of taking the stage. We’ll see. 

Here she is in her recital outfit before dress rehearsal.


Following dress rehearsal, with her ribbon and medal for completing the season.   I don’t have very good pictures of the rehearsal because she was very averse to having her picture taken.


Her actual performance – she is on the far right.



With her roses after the recital.  She loved getting the pink roses from her Dad.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Crazy Weekend, Here we Come

I have my annual love/hate relationship with the month of May... love the sunny weather and all the fun opportunities but oh the schedule!!!

Tomorrow morning Will and I will divide and conquer, Bella has full dress rehearsal for dance recital while Jacob has his soccer game.

Then at noon we meet back up at Lake Houston for the Cub Scout end of the year /crossing over/fish fry/chicken volleyball game. This is where my Tiger (1st graders) scout will become a Wolf scout! (second graders)

Then (there's more!) we pack up and head to Lake Conroe for a sleepover at Will's parents house to kick off the swim season poolside and celebrate Will's Dads' birthday.

YAWN, I'm sleepy just thinking about it all....

Fiesta Azteca

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