Sunday, May 27, 2007

Our Baby Girl

As you can tell from the Paris pictures I am 26 1/2 weeks pregnant with Baby #2. We are so excited and cannot wait to hold her in our arms! She is officially due on August 29th - however, since Jacob came at 36 weeks, this time we are
planning to be prepared for an early arrival. So far the pregnancy has been a good one, I LOVE being pregnant! Being a Mom to Jacob has kept my mind off any aches and pains, in fact I am so busy that time seems to have just flown by. I
cannot believe that in just a few short months our family will be complete. Here are some ultrasound pics from the 20 week and 24 week
visits to the midwives. We are well on our way to having a name picked out - but plan to keep it under wraps until she arrives. Will likes to make up names to get people's reactions.
No matter what he says she will NOT be named Rotunda, Ro'Linda or Skipper Noelle!!! If you are wondering about the nursery - here's a pic of the bedding. This is the furniture Giant hugs and thank you's to all the family members who have contributed to our baby furniture fund - I don't have enough words to express how grateful we are!

Our trip to Paris

Jacob running across the courtyard at the Louvre. Will enjoys a sidewalk cafe.

Will's parents
Shaun outside the Notre Dame Cathedral
Shaun in front of the Hotel Des Invalides (under the gold dome is Napolean's Tomb. )
Jacob & Mommy at the Louvre (you can just see the pyramid in the background)

We have just returned from a wonderful week in Paris with Will's family. The trip was a gift from Will's parents, Bobby & Theresa. Thank you again guys! We had an unforgettable time!

About Sheltie's Run

It is our dream one day own land out in the Texas Hill Country and have big pack of Sheltie dogs racing across it to greet everyone who came to visit - this little slice of heaven would be named Sheltie's Run.

All the cool kids are doing it....

...blogging that is. So I'm going to give it a try. No long term promises though! There are a variety of reasons why I haven't done this before #1) I am bad about starting things and not finishing them. There are an alarming number of unfinished quilting, knitting, sewing and scrap booking projects waiting patiently in my closet. Until now, these were my own private guilt stash but blogging is public, and so others will know that I am behind and exactly how long it is has been since my last post! Aack! The pressure! Which brings me to Reason # 2) Privacy. While we're not hiding out from the government or anything it does sort of creep me out to have even the smallest part of my family's life on public display. Say you post this really great picture of your kid but then in the background is your messy bathroom. Add to the mix a place for comments and I'm envisioning pages of comments suggesting toilet bowl cleaners or tooth whitening kits that I really might should consider. OK, so the reality is that none of our friends or family would post that I needed to scrub my toilet or whiten my teeth but still - the framework is there - you know? # 3) I guess it just feels kind of self-absorbed to me. I mean here there is this entire world of information and entertainment at your finger tips, so why would anyone want to read about my life? I keep thinking that if people had free time they would be reading up on current events in the Middle East, or downloading the newest album from Modest Mouse or buying it now on e-bay. So, why am I starting a blog then? Because I really enjoy the blogs of my friends, and because I live so far from many members of our family - it seems like a great way to stay better connected. Most of all because we are going through the most extraordinary time of our lives. I've never been so happy as I am right now and I want to hold on to that contentment - to be able to remember how blessed and and full our lives are right now.

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