Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bathing Suits

For over a year I have been waffling on buying this bathing suit.  I am pretty sure that I actually talked about it so much that two other people I know have already bought it and loved it and yet still... I waffled.

I remember when the whole modesty thing first really struck me, I was at a Christian concert with Jacob and asked a random person to take our picture.   Jacob was 4 and I kind of hunched over to get my face next to his.  When I got home and checked the picture, uhhh...oh boy - birds eye view straight down my shirt.  OOPS.  Super embarrassing.

My husband is fond of the phrase "modest is hottest"... but when it came to bathing suits, I got stuck. My pride got in the way and also a warning bell that made me question my motives. Was I wanting to be modest, or was I wanting to draw attention to my modesty (which isn't very modest?!) by wearing something kind of different (I like being different).

Anyway, I finally just decided to buy it and now it is on it's way and I can't wait to try it on! Hopefully I will feel like it is modest enough to actually post on the blog and once I've had a few swims I will do a review as well.

For what it is worth I have a couple of other suits that I think are really great.

I have this one from Lands End:

The pro's:
It is thick and very well made. The straps are wide and adjustable. I ordered the mastectomy version, because it comes up an inch or so higher at the bust. You can go from pool to patio or climb around on boats and be nice and covered.
Cons: There's just a lot of fabric, it is heavy and sags a bit when wet. It takes a long time to dry.

I also have a basic black tank suit that I plan to pair with this swim skirt.  It is light, parachute type material over a sort of boy shorts under layer.  I got it in the mail yesterday but haven't worn it yet.  I'll have to do a review of how it does in real life, at home in front of the mirror it seemed to fit well and was cute and covered enough to wear around.

Monday, July 11, 2011

June–Where did it go????

Jacob graduated from Kindergarten the first week of June.


Here he is on his first day back in August of 2010.

First Day of School

What a difference – he is at least 3 inches taller and his confidence is through the roof! We are so proud of our first grader!

Here he is walking home with some of his school buddies.


Later in June Will and Bella went to a Daddy-daughter sock hop up at the church.   I happened to have a lot of red felt left over from a crafting fail a few years back.  Of course I had to do a SHELTIE skirt instead of a poodle.  This circle skirt was an easy no-sew project, I loved how it turned out.



Then we headed to Austin for cousin Luella’s third birthday party.  It was a splash pad birthday party at Bartholomew park. This is the same park I grew up playing in, so it was fun to see my kids enjoying it. Of course it is mostly different play equipment and all that.  Evidently it was all coated in lead paint, and also very dangerous wonderful things like merry-go-rounds and metal slides that burn your behind are no longer cool.






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