Saturday, July 21, 2012

Safe and Sound

We arrived today in Chicago and have settled in nicely into a rent house in Lincoln Park. We had a lovely Italian dinner and then found Trader Joes and a corner store all just blicks from the house. Thusly supplied with coffee, cereal, milk, wine, beer and Oreos we are back "home".

I love being in busy urban spaces and am soaking up the bustling young energy of this neighborhood. It's cool to be able to walk everywhere and I enjoy the shady streets with rows of Victorians nestled together comfortably.

The house is comfy; wi-fi, a kitchen and four bedrooms, with hardwood floors, but no central AC. Sadly our journey northward has not provided any respite from heat and mugginess. The rooms have fans and there's a window unit, so I'm sure all will be well.

Anabel doesn't travel well but a spaghetti supper and a bath seem to have set her aright. She has a tiny room to herself with a twin bed and a window seat looking out over Orchard St. all painted in robins egg blue with flowered curtains.

Jacob is happy watching baseball with his grandpa and excited to see dinosaurs and the Egyptian section at the natural history museum tomorrow.

I'm in need of a shower and a cold adult beverage, traveling with little ones is tiring! I love the freshness of their perspective though and their enthusiasm. LOTS of pictures are coming, I promise!

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